• Practice what you preach

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  • Embrace the power of story

  • Awesomeness is the new media budget

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  • Creativity is pioneering

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  • Care about what people care about

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  • let's fix problems

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  • Look around and tell about life

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  • Don’t shout. Listen

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For online retailer Wehkamp, we set up the world's first vlogger competition in a unique online content series: Wehkamp’s Next Style Vlogger. The winner was offered a dream job as vlogger at Wehkamp.

Wehkamp 6,178,255

Legends aren't born, they're dropped

Heineken gave six men the opportunity to become legendary as they were taken out of their ordinary lives and dropped into the great wide open. A real-life travel show with a twist.

Heineken 40,352,473

WhatsApp in your face

Many people find it easier to express their feelings in messages of apps. Is a good digital conversation just as meaningful? To find out, we asked people to read their WhatsApp conversations out loud.


The Wefilm Camalot cycling team

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The weirdest one

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It's not about the legs

BP focuses on the energy within in this film about golden athlete Marlou van Rhijn on her legless way to the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.


Gerrie & Truus: twin sisters reunion

Powerful Connections is a Vodafone series of documentaries in which people are connected with the help of technology. In this film, twin sisters Gerrie & Truus see each other again after 26 years of separation.

Vodafone 3,128,088

How much have we invested in each other?

Rabobank illustrates its philosophy by showcasing the beautiful projects it has invested in. These true stories reflect the different ways we invest in each other.


I am Sacha in -19 degrees Celsius

Some may remember her as Holland’s loveliest anchorwoman, but three years back Sacha de Boer got back into photography. So we filmed her on the North Pole with the same Nikon equipment she used to capture a world in transition.

Nikon 670,228

Live the precious moments

By portraying real life examples, health insurer CZ proves to be a relieving partner in the arduous life of caretakers when it comes arranging health care.


Encourage companies to act more conscientious (interview)

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Don't wait to say beautiful words

Dela wants to inspire everyone to say beautiful words. With hidden cameras, we shot 6 touching speeches of real people.

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