Roel Welling (1979) is director and co-founder of Wefilm. He likes to make credible and touching stories with new ideas. 

After graduating from the Film Academy in 2003, Roel started directing films and commercials. The fun of making Max the Hacker made him realize that he loved to pioneer in online films. Stanislav was the next step: a personalized film that freaked everyone out.

Roel has worked together with his brother Bas since they were children. In 2010 they decided to found their own company Wefilm to have total freedom in creating films that pull, not push. Soon after, they selected a team of extremely talented directors and producers, who believed in Wefilm\\\'s vision. Meanwhile, Roel persevered to find new ways to trigger the audience\\\'s emotions. In 2012 he directed Dela that won the Grand Prix in Cannes. In that same year, he co-created the Live Twitter Film that won the ADCN Grand Prix. In 2014, Roel had the honor to be part of the Cannes Lions film craft jury.

Epic bite of the Maestro

Imagine yourself ordering a maestro burger at McDonald's. And then something epic happens: an orchestra, conducted by a real Maestro, accompanies you live towards your first bite. What follows is a crescendo towards an explosion of all your senses.

McDonald's 8,681,803

Discover a World of Wonders

Efteling has been around for over sixty years and nearly every living soul in The Netherlands has been spellbound by its fairy tale world. But how to share this wondrous feeling with an international audience unaware the park even exists?


How a French village became Dutch on Black Saturday.

To show that phone is where the heart is, we transformed the French town of Châteauneuf into ‘Nederland’ for one day.

Tele2 2,595,835 1

Don't wait to say beautiful words

Dela wants to inspire everyone to say beautiful words. With hidden cameras, we shot 6 touching speeches of real people.

Dela 52

WhatsApp in your face

Many people find it easier to express their feelings in messages of apps. Is a good digital conversation just as meaningful? To find out, we asked people to read their WhatsApp conversations out loud.


Stanislav: 5 million views in a week

Shocking personalized maffia viral explained the dangers of social media to the Dutch people.

Ministry of Justice 5,116,426 16

Max the Hacker, a viral legend

To show that IT is fun, we gave birth to a hacker. This YouTube series reached over 31 million people without any media budget.

Info Support 35,138,589 1

Love captured by a hidden-camera card

By hiding a microscopic camera in Hallmark cards and sending it out to real mothers, we showed the emotional impact of meaningful words


A colleague with personality

By performing an extraordinary experiment, institute GAK proved that a psychological diseased staff member might become your favorite colleague.

Institute GAK

Epic hostage prank

By making stars of unsuspected passers-by, we showed that the Dutch Film Festival is not only for stars, but for everyone.

Dutch Film Festival

Treehouse of dreams

To prove that you can build everything you dream of, Obi built a treehouse designed by a four year old girl.

OBI 425,892

Billboard against violence

Public service employees in the Netherlands face aggression more often. Onlookers do not intervene. A live interactive billboard is used to confront everyone with their inactivity.

Ministry of Justice 227,036 6

The craziest BMX stunt ever

To promote the usage of bike lights, Holland's best BMX bikers perform their stunts. In the city of Rotterdam, at nighttime and with bike lights new style.

Ministry of Transportation 8,315,675

I spy with my little eye

Child abuse usually happens behind closed doors. It looks like it never happens, but the facts don't lie.


Unselfishness. It still exists.

Sometimes you can think that everyone lives for himself, and that helping each other almost feels like an exception. But if you look carefully, you realize that it's not true and that's where this commercial is about.