Joris (1973) graduated in 1996 from the University of Amsterdam on the subject of Economy and Ethics. Using the theory of Karl Marx he tried to prove the inevitable introduction of the basis income system.

During his studies he started working as a slow-motion operator for live sports events, ultimately ending up directing Eredivisie soccer matches and talk shows about sports.

In 2013 his debut documentary FC Rwanda premiered at IDFA and afterwards went all over the world, from Ivory Coast to Denmark and from Canada to Italy.

Always digging just that little bit deeper to find the stories that lie hidden underneath the surface, Joris directed commercials for Zilveren Kruis, Hartstichting, British Petroleum and ABN AMRO. Joris joined Wefilm in 2016.


The flying doctor

With an interactive campaign Zilveren Kruis wanted to draw attention to the importance of doing sports. Dutch Bobsleigh queen Esmé Kamphuis bobbed along.

Zilveren Kruis

It's not about the legs

BP focuses on the energy within in this film about golden athlete Marlou van Rhijn on her legless way to the 2016 Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro.


What lies hidden beneath the surface

By not answering questions three Rwandan football stars reveal the current state of their country.


The result of a heart attack right in your face

Marjolein was only 47 years old and perfectly healthy when she died suddenly from cardiac arrest. Her story shows how each and everyone of us can be confronted with the unexpected loss of someone close to us.


Nobody wants to become a refugee

Every teenager dreams about his or her future. Whether you’re born in the Netherlands, Colombia or Syria. But what happens to these dreams when you have to flee your country?


This time we’ve got your back

What is an innovative way to portray inspiring social entrepreneurs, who changed their lives dramatically for the good of others? Rather than having them answer interview questions, why not surprise them by interviewing their loved ones?


A love story on a piece of paper

Surprise yourself and be the poet that you are.


How did we ever end up here?

Becoming a grown up is way harder than it looks. Guarded with their smartphone three mothers and daughters, aged between 12 and 19, document their own journey towards maturity in the documentary series Daughters.

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