Jan Boon (1980) is a director at Wefilm. At the age of 17, Jan got a degree at the Academy of Arts in Anderlecht specializing in quick sketching, lithography and photography. In 1998, Jan studied at the two major film schools in Brussels: RITS and NARAFI. Jan has a true passion for storytelling and also graduated from the Flemish Script Academy, majoring in screenplay writing in 2002.

Jan has experience in different aspects of the industry, working as both a director, a screenwriter and a photographer. When he got the opportunity to direct his first commercial, he instantly fell in love with the short-format storytelling of commercials. The love was mutual: his commercial got instantly picked-up by international film festivals earning him a second place at the Young Director’s Award in Cannes. Jan is known for his visual storytelling, his aesthetic style and his very particular ‘high-brow’ comedy. Next to his work at Wefilm Jan writes and directs fiction films.


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