As a self-taught director, Basha de Bruijn (1990), tries to approach every project with an unconventional and elegant twist. 

She started as a videographer for one of the biggest magazines in The Netherlands, Linda.magazine. That is where she got inspired by the photographers she worked with.The love for strong images was born and soon she started directing music videos for artists such as Janne Schra and Carice van Houten. 

With her unique, feminine style Basha has crafted atmospheric reports, television shows and branded content videos for brands such as Lipton, Diesel, Kiehls, Rimmel and L’Oreal.

Billy, world saviour

Billy is a woman with a vision. Actually, she’s kind of a superheroine. Behold Billy’s bravery as she champions a sustainable 2017!

ABN AMRO 780,709

Discover a World of Wonders

Efteling has been around for over sixty years and nearly every living soul in The Netherlands has been spellbound by its fairy tale world. But how to share this wondrous feeling with an international audience unaware the park even exists?


Two cheesy commercials

Maaslander goes back to its roots with Kaasmakers cheese; its original farmer’s cheese, made by two specially selected farmers, each of whom has his signature cheesemaking style. Meet farmers Olieman and Van Dieijen.


Who I am is what I remember

To raise awareness about the impact of Alzheimer’s disease we take a look at the past, present and future of a man living with the disease.

Stichting Alzheimer 2,689,278


For online retailer Wehkamp, we set up the world's first vlogger competition in a unique online content series: Wehkamp’s Next Style Vlogger. The winner was offered a dream job as vlogger at Wehkamp.

Wehkamp 6,181,538 1

A Kicking goodbye

Aegon showed some balls and made an unorthodox and heroic farewell commercial for the most famous football club of Amsterdam: Ajax.

Aegon 87,637

The Flower Effect

In a fairy tale-like mix between fiction and reality we show that there is only one kind of people who can demonstrate what the "Flower Effect" actually means. That kind of people is: real people.

The Flower Council 2,062,930

The power of pastels

The music videos for Carice van Houten and Janne Schra show Basha's love for pastels.

Carice van Houten 64,891

Sweeten up your life

Introducing Karvan Cévitam's new product : 'KC GO', this 30" TVC captures the moments that make up a good day.

Karvan Cevitam