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We concept and produce impactful films directly for brands with a genuine message.

We help brands to act more conscious and humane as we believe that’s what consumers expect. They just don’t buy classic advertising anymore.

We support companies contribute to something positive by making impactful stories that reach people’s hearts.

On this page you'll find the concepts Wefilm created and produced from A to Z.

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An ode to Sunday

One could say that Sunday is a perfect day. An untroubled, dreamy day to think about the future. Or not to think about anything at all.


Billy, world saviour

Billy is a woman with a vision. Actually, she’s kind of a superheroine. Behold Billy’s bravery as she champions a sustainable 2017!


The tobacco industry’s unknown ugly truth

We know how unhealthy smoking is, but not how we are misled by the tobacco industry. So what happens when everyone at a tobacco company gathers around Friday drinks and tells the truth?

Stivoro 1

This time we’ve got your back

What is an innovative way to portray inspiring social entrepreneurs, who changed their lives dramatically for the good of others? Rather than having them answer interview questions, why not surprise them by interviewing their loved ones?


Two cheesy commercials

Maaslander goes back to its roots with Kaasmakers cheese; its original farmer’s cheese, made by two specially selected farmers, each of whom has his signature cheesemaking style. Meet farmers Olieman and Van Dieijen.


How did we ever end up here?

Becoming a grown up is way harder than it looks. Guarded with their smartphone three mothers and daughters, aged between 12 and 19, document their own journey towards maturity in the documentary series Daughters.

KPN Presenteert

Be a burglar for a day

To create awareness about home safety, Interpolis challenges two neighbors to break into each other’s house.


The self driving bike

Experience biking 2.0 with Google's newest creation: the Google Self-Driving bike.


A rollercoaster ride through your kitchen

Instead of funding yet another advertising campaign, ABN AMRO decided to put their media budget to work and actually help their clients promoting their houses for sale. It reached over 65 million people around the globe.


The world’s first live Twitter film

The campaign for the 2012 Dutch Film Festival was the premiere of something unique: film lovers across the country were invited to co-direct a live feature film using Twitter.

Dutch Film Festival 9

I am Sacha in -19 degrees Celsius

Some may remember her as Holland’s loveliest anchorwoman, but three years back Sacha de Boer got back into photography. So we filmed her on the North Pole with the same Nikon equipment she used to capture a world in transition.


Max the Hacker, a viral legend

To show that IT is fun, we gave birth to a hacker. This YouTube series reached over 31 million people without any media budget.

Info Support 1

Dropping the beat while fighting a disease

Make-A-Wish grants kids with a life-threatening disease their deepest wish. Quincy van Ooijen AKA Quincy Vano wants to become the best DJ of the world.



For online retailer Wehkamp, we set up the world's first vlogger competition in a unique online content series: Wehkamp’s Next Style Vlogger. The winner was offered a dream job as vlogger at Wehkamp.

Wehkamp 1

The daily drama of being a parent

The parenting magazine Ouders van Nu likes to show what it truly means to be a parent. Three families filmed their lives for one month and showed us their ups and downs.


“Freek is a 13-year-old racist sex addict”

My Child Online initiated a campaign that created so much impact that politicians forced social media companies to act immediately.

Mijn Kind Online 2

Music above fighting

In a short documentary we followed people who are confronted with separation in everyday life. They cannot cross these borders, but their music can.


British bachelor party trashes Amsterdam

Everyone is familiar with the typical loud British tourists who visit our country. So when KPN televison wanted to launch BBC we followed these typical tourists. All is fine until they find there’s no BBC on their TV


Change the world by doing… nothing actually

This commercial offered cinematography student Lennart Verstegen to write and direct for the first time. Filled with the art of achievement by doing nothing, it eventually resulted in Lennart becoming one with Wefilm.

Earth Water 2