Hacking a smartphone addict

For Vodafone, with Achtung!

How can a teacher outsmart her student’s ever distracting smartphone?

Ping! Beep! Buzzzz! Our smartphones are never off. We always “on line”. Ernest is connected all the time. It is a huge distraction while studying for his final exams, which he failed last year. The stakes are high. Not only for Ernest, but also for his committed teacher, Sultan. To make sure Ernest studies, Sultan and Vodafone invented a smart app that turns Ernest’s love for his smartphone into something productive.

We followed 19-year-old Ernest who dreams of becoming a businessman. But now, he is mostly in love with American football and his smartphone. There’s also Sultan, who wants to be an inspiring teacher. She is committed to making sure Ernest passes his final exams, and she knows that she can’t make Ernest put down his smartphone. So together with Vodafone she invents ‘Learn to Unlock’, a smartphone app that gives an assignment every time Ernest wants to unlock his phone for snapping, apps, or gaming.

The result is a funny, sincere documentary about how Vodafone smartly uses mobile technology to benefit people, even if the problem starts with a smartphone.